Holistic Therapies Diploma
This is a course that covers the more popular therapies and packages them together in a single diploma. The course will take place on one dedicated day over a 16 week phase, (ie Monday or a Tuesday for 16 weeks). Examinations for each module of the course are by continual assessment with the Diploma being awarded on the successful completion of the course. As advanced lectures for this Diploma course, we look at and discus the advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, advertising, room hire, staff employment and other treatment packages.
Complete course cost from £1,750

The course is broken down into the following modules:

Module 1
Therapeutic massage with A&P
This course covers all the aspects of the therapeutic massage course, including C.I. client care, massage techniques, use of oil, power and creams in massage There is no final examination (saving £150), as the student is continuously assessed throughout the course.
Normal course cost £550 plus £150 examination fees. Saving £150

Modules 2 & 3
Clinical Reflexology or Sports Massage and Injuries Management
Clinical Reflexology

This course covers all the aspects of foot reflexology including C.I. safe reflexology techniques, client care, patient awareness. There are no examinations (saving £150), as the student is continually assessed throughout the course.
Sports Massage and Injuries Management
The course is modular over 9 modules, each module being approx. one month in length. Each module has a set amount study and home assignments and assessments and questions. There will be a number of study days where we will study injury consultation, injury rehabilitation and aftercare with advice. After the successful completion of each number of set assignments, further home study assignments will be sent out. Equal payments can be spread over the length of the course, after the initial deposit has been paid, or by full payment at the start of the course.
Topics covered include: Initial injury consultation, rehabilitation following sports injury, evaluation and aftercare with advice, prevention of Sports Injuries, providing specialised pre and post sports event massage, bandaging and safe strapping injuries, first aid for sports and the use of heat and cold pads.
Normal course cost £650 plus £150 examination fees. Saving £150

Because every student and therapist has a different idea of what treatments or therapies they want to give to their clients, students can choose from any three of the additional courses which are listed below to make up their Holistic Diploma. If students wish to take more than their three optional courses, they can do so at the normal course price.

Module 4
Facial Massage using Essential Oils
This is a facial massage course where we introduce essential oils into our treatments. We look at the value of massage in essential oil therapy, the type of massage most frequently indicated; preparation of skin for therapy; some popular carrier oils and their characteristics. Facial massage techniques with regard to the mental condition of client, as well as their physical condition when choosing oils of treatment. We also look at the use and value of facial pressure points.
Normal course cost £160

Module 5
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Over these two days we learn the value of the Lymphatic system and how it interacts with the cardio-vascular system. We go on to learn how to boost the system and how to stimulate and drain the system using specially designed massage strokes.
Normal course cost £160

Module 6
Indian Head Massage
This course completely rounds off the diploma course. On this course we study the ancient form of Indian Head massage, including C.I. client care and awareness, posture and balance.
Normal course cost £160

Module 7
On-site/seated Massage
This is a one day course which covers the practical application of seated/on-site massage, some of the areas covered in the course are:
Massage techniques used in the treatment.
The use of Acupressure points in the treatment.
Anatomy of the back and arms. Contra-indications. Preparation of Client.Advantages and Disadvantages.
Normal course cost £160

Module 8
First Degree Reiki
This practical session traces the history of the therapy from ancient times up to the present day. It also addresses the question of student requirements, bearing in mind that those applicants who are ready qualified in anatomy, physiology and massage or other related therapies are acceptable for training. This practical day describes how the therapy can be used on its own, or combined with other therapies as an aid to complete a whole therapy. Also the different ways of treatments using various hand positions.
Normal course cost £120

Module 9
Second Degree Reiki
This course follows on from the first degree course and continues with the learning of Reiki traditions and treatments and attunements.
Normal course cost £260

Module 10
Body Waxing
A practical one-day course administering the safe and hygienic removal of unwanted body hair, also covering CI, other forms of treatment, safety precautions.

Normal course cost £160

Module 11
Remedial Back Therapy
This is usually an advanced course and taught to students who have been practising for a minimum of 12 months. But we believe that our students are well advanced and able to cope with the advanced knowledge needed for this course. The course covers an introduction to the techniques of:

  • Treating the back by stretching, soft tissue manipulation and mechanical massage.
  • An introduction to the techniques of:
    (a) Shiatsu;
    (b) Accupressure;
    (c) Pain reflex zones and 'trigger' points;
    (d) Neuro-Muscular massage;
    (e) Connective Tissue massage.
  • Keeping records by chart method (body mapping).
  • Specific techniques for the treatment of lumbago and sciatica.
  • The setting and management of stretching and home help manipulations.

This course is a must for any person who is just starting out as a practitioner. There are huge financial savings to be made on this course, as opposed to taking each subject individually. Any student who can prove they have completed a module and wish to join the class can do so, whereupon the course price will be adjusted. Each student is required to complete a work-in-progress diary, which will be singed off by the course tutor at the end of each completed module.
Normal course cost £160

For all of the courses except Reiki 1.2.3 there is a minimum requirement of 2 students per module. It is therefore possible that to complete the modules of your choice you may have to wait a short time.


E-mail us on either info@readecollege.co.uk or enquiries@readecollege.co.uk



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