Clinical Reflexology

'Reflex' in the context of 'reflexology' means the 'reflection' of all the organs, systems and parts of the body onto the feet.
Reflexology is the practice of working on these reflexes to produce a reaction and a relaxation in the corresponding body areas.
By applying controlled pressure to the reflex areas on the feet the body is stimulated to achieve its own state of equilibrium and good health.


The Practitioner Course (Basic)
The course will consist of 6 modules, each module is approximately 3 hours long. The modules will take place either during the day, or in the evening. Each student is to produce written evidence of 40 case studies. Each student is required to sit a practical and theory examination.
Entry Requirements: Full body massage diploma with A&P or A&P diploma.

The Practitioner Course (Advanced)
This advanced course is taken after the completion of the basic course and consists of 3 further modules which are 3 hours in length and concentrates on the reflex points of the hands and the reflexology points of the face.
Entry Requirements: Full Reflexology diploma with A&P.


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