Massage Courses

Therapeutic Massage

International Diploma course in Therapeutic Massage. This course allows the qualified student to set up their own business as a self-employed practitioner ...
... or to work in health clubs, gyms, or become a mobile therapist. This is the main foundation course ...
... which allows the serious student to continue forward in the field of complementary medicine.

Practical Massage Course
The less serious student may wish to study a friends and family type of massage course which only allows them to practice on their close friends and immediate family. The course is run along similar lines as the Practitioners Course but does omit some of the detailed practical skills, the theory tuition and much of the Anatomy and Physiology and of course the examinations. Students opting to take the practical-only course may choose to become professionally qualified by completing the theory section and sitting the written examination at a later date. In such cases the difference in fees is payable prior to the start of the course.

Sports Massage and Injury Management

The aim of this course is to teach students the advanced techniques of sports massage and to enable them to consult, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate an injured client ...
... and to work in conjunction with and alongside other professional bodies.
Entry Requirements:
Full body massage diploma with A&P.


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