Complementary Health Courses in Spain
New for Spring 2005.

From the Spring of 2005 The Reade College is pleased to announce that we are in a position to offer Complementary Health courses on the Costa Blanca.

What Course?
There are a number of courses available to the student and no prior qualifications are required to sit some of them, although to take some of the more specialised courses you will need a diploma in Massage with A&P (Anatomy & Physiology). Our full massage course prices start from €400 (ex Exam Fees). If you have qualified through other organisations these qualifications are always useful and in many cases will not be discounted.

We have many courses to choose from and for example there are 4 types of courses that you can study. Please visit for a complete list of our syllabuses.

Introductory Workshop/Course
This is the basic course and is aimed at those people who have no prior skills and do not want to take the full practitioners course.

Basic Workshop/Course
This is aimed at those who have some basic knowledge of therapies and wish to broaden their therapy and A&P skills and knowledge.

Advanced Workshop/Course
This is aimed at those who have a good sound understanding of therapies and A&P and wish to work towards the practitioner's diploma.

Practitioners Course
This is the full diploma course and is aimed at those people who want to become full time or part time therapists. The course is approx. 50 hours in length and is made up of a number of practical and theory days, plus home study units.

(for example)

  • a 6 week introductory or basic or advanced massage workshop for 2 hours per week €100 or
  • a 6 week introductory reflexology workshop for 2 hours per week €100
  • both of these courses will count towards the full Holistic Diploma Therapies Course, which costs €1000

Or if you already have some basic skills and wish to brush them up then you can attend the 6 weeks advanced course for €100.

The only course in which examinations are taken, is the full practitioner's course; there are no examinations on any of the intro/basic/advanced workshops.

Please browse this website for further details or phone us on mobile phone number +34 637 808 425.

Prices, Dates & Venues

These can be obtained on request.


E-mail us on either or



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